shanti stupa Pokhara nepal


  • To improve access to healthcare and health information for those with the greatest need.
  • To facilitate health research and healthcare provision and other projects with material health benefits for local communities in Nepal.
  • The relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people residing permanently or temporarily in Nepal and in financial need.


  • To increase access to the best quality education available for the children and young people of Nepal.
  • To develop the capacity and skills of disadvantaged individuals and communities in Nepal in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and to participate more fully in society.
  • To increase meaningful participation in primary-, secondary-, and tertiary-level education.

Human Rights

  • To increase knowledge and awareness of the human rights all Nepalis should be able to expect by law.
  • To provide impartial information to the people of Nepal about their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a democratic state.
  • To support those in Nepal making a contribution to human rights and the peaceful and democratic rule of law.


The Mountain Trust

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The Mountain Trust UK Charity Registration No. 1112841

Nepal Charity Registration - NGO No. 3442/072/073