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In partnership with Accountability Lab, The Mountain Trust has developed a new radio-education initiative aimed at young people and adults. The Radio Guru Civic Education programme combines the proven effectiveness of educational radio broadcasts with a unique and rigorous civic education curriculum.

Teacher broadcasting on the radio

Since 2007 The Mountain Trust has been developing the ‘Radio Guru’ radio education programme, broadcast over 12 community radio stations throughout Nepal.

The principle is simple: Education without the need for infrastructure.

The Idea

Radio Guru studentRadio Guru has been successful in improving educational outcomes of school-age children in a broad range of subjects. Where the opportunity to learn is available, people will grab it. This was borne out by experience and research findings. One of the amazing things about Radio Guru is that, upon researching audience numbers and the programme's impact, we found large numbers of adults, including teachers, regularly listened in. The programme transcended the narrow age demographic for which it was meant (15-16 year-olds at school) and gave access to education and learning for people who long ago left school, if they ever went in the first place. These anecdotes and data planted a seed. A seed that could grow into a vibrant and exciting adult education programme. Civic education, broadcast to millions through FM radio, would give access to information formerly in the hands of a small educated elite. Information about a citizen's rights and legitimate expectations of the state can prove truly transformative for societal norms. Social and political transformation occurs when a critical-mass of citizens know their rights, understand their democratic duties and become engaged with a discourse beyond their immediate present. This programme is aimed at transmitting the informational foundations for societal change.

In numbers

Project proposal

• 52 half-hour episodes
• Broadcasting 52 weeks a year
• 15 Regional FM Radio Stations
• 61 of 75 Districts, throughout Nepal
• 16 million potential audience
• 100% Digitisation of content
• 20-25 script writers and other contributors
• 235,000Rs (£1500) total recording costs
• 100,000Rs (£650) projected annual running cost
• 112,500Rs (£720) for 1 year M&E
• 60,000Rs (£375) for 1 year of advertising
• 507,500Rs (£3250) total recording & broadcasting for 1 year
• 2-3 months - production schedule
• 25 days of monitoring and evaluation

Aims of the Programme

We aim to inform citizens of their rights and responsibilities, increase awareness of social issues and create the conditions for greater involvement in the state and public life through this engaging and interesting radio programme. The language used will be accessible to both older children and adults 15+ age range. It will be made engaging by the use of drama, music, humour, interviews and case-studies.

This programme will utilise the skills and experience of the Mountain Trust's Radio Guru project team in recording, developing, and delivering a unique radio-based civic education programme. The project will also draw on a wide range of experts including practicing lawyers, NGO leaders, authors and academics. This is a very exciting project that has attracted plenty of initial expressions of interest.

Coverage of Radio Guru Civic Education:

Radio Guru coverage
This project has: extensive coverage (see coverage map above), a very large potential audience, high-quality syllabus, proven project management team, rigorous monitoring and evaluation and a great potential impact.


Collaboration on this programme will link together a number of organisations, namely; The Mountain Trust, Accountability Lab,, the RSA, The Humanitarian Centre, the Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex, The Human Rights and Democracy Centre of Purbanchal University, and a number of influential individuals including Professor Todd Landman of the University of Essex, Dr Brendan Burchell of the University of Cambridge, 4 Fellows of the RSA, 2 professors of Law in Nepal and some prominent members of the judiciary and Nepal bar.


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