Past Fundraising Efforts

Since our beginnings The Mountain Trust has been supported by hundreds of individuals and groups using their skills and resources to raise money to benefit the people of Nepal most in need.

Starbucks Manchester

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Bullers Wood 'A Night at the Movies' Fashion Show sets new fundraising records

After months of hard work, the Staff and Students of the Art Department at Bullers Wood Sixth Form College, Bromley, Kent staged their third Fashion Show in March 2012 to raise funds for the Trust's work in Nepal. This event came 'with a twist'...

The twist? Well, we took two members of staff and fourteen Bullers Wood Students to Nepal later in 2012. They visited a variety of schools and other needy communities in Nepal to decide which they wish to help by raising funds in the future - and for what purposes. 'Hats off!'

We'd like to thank all of the Students who worked so hard to make the evening a great success (raising 1,300 Pounds) as well as Yvette Bellis, Tina McCrane, Heather Tween and Nick Cross - who all very graciously rallied to the cause.

The Mountain Trust is tremendously proud of its association with Bullers Wood. To date, Staff and Students of Bullers have raised over 5,300 Pounds - enough to cover shipping a refurbished and refitted Land Rover Ambulance to Nepal, treating over 1,200 patients for free and helping fund the Trust's educational activities. The Bullers Wood community are shining a light along a path others would do well to follow.

Dale Weston & Waitrose lend their weight

We were recently contacted by Dale Weston who informed us that the Fitzroy Street, Cambridge branch of Waitrose had selected the Mountain Trust as one of its sponsored charities for the month of January 2012 - and that shoppers in the store had opted to support the Trust's work to the tune of 174 Pounds. We were delighted - thanks to the team for helping. See below for the handover photo.

Jason Haymer pitches in support

A self-made Cambridge businessman decided that his fee of 1,200 Pounds for an intellectually demanding commercial report should instead be donated to the Mountain Trust. Not for the first time, Jason has given his insightful advice on online commerce and waived his fee in favour of our work in Nepal.

John de Bruyne steps in - recounting his friend, the former King of Nepal

A few months ago, we received a note next to one of our collection boxes from John de Bruyne (who had been at college and university with King Birendra of Nepal and was a good friend of Birendra's). John donated Anstey Hall for a fund raising day worth 4,000 Pounds! We soon realised we needed to set up entertainments for the evening befitting the grandeur of the venue ...

Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes and many others donated prizes, auctioned by the talentented Magician, Professor Todd Landman following his 'sleight of mind' magic and with the Cambridge Classic String Quartet and Easy Livin' band on hand. With eighty guests, we were able to raise 5,506 Pounds. We'd like to thank all our guests, Tayabali Tomlin & White, Noel Young Wines, Intumescent Seals and Panther Taxis for their support - as well as our supporters who attended and many volunteers who helped on the night. The good news is that John de Bruyne has asked us back this September when we can expand into the grounds and increase the number of guests. Promises to be equally if not more memorable.

Steve Peacock completes a second half-marathon to raise funds for the Mountain Trust

 Steve prepares to set off
 Before Steve's right knee gave out
 A Hero of the Half Marathon

Some years ago, we helped Steve and Jenny enjoy the delights of a holiday in Nepal and over a few rockshis (the local brew) in Kathmandu told them about the Trust's work. To our delight, in 2005 Steve asked if he could nominate the Trust for sponsorship funds he raised by running the Great North Half Marathon. He successfully completed the race (respect!) and raised 623 Pounds for the Trust's work in Nepal.

In 2007, Steve took part in the Brighton Half Marathon and doing so, injured his knee. He successfully finished the course though not without having to hop downhill for the last stages. Quite apart from the heroic personal efforts Steve put in, he raised 663 Pounds for the Trust and even persuaded his employers The Budget Group Ltd. to donate a further 100 Pounds to the Trust. Top man !

In 2010, Steve was chosen as part of a leadership team within the BGL Group and they were collectively asked by their bosses to organise the raising of 25,000 Pounds for charity - 50% for one of the BGL sponsored charities (the team chose WWF) and 50% for a charity of their choice.

Once Steve described the Mountain Trust to the team, we were soon summoned and following a presentation in the Peterborough HQ, the team set to work on sponsored bicycle rides etc.

Before we knew it, they had raised 13,000 Pounds - as well as visited Nepal and undertaken a major trek as well. 'Hats off, ladies and gentlemen'!

Steve and the team are perfect examples of able and good-willed people prepared to think afresh about methods of raising funds to help our disadvantaged cousins in South Asia.


There are all sorts of ways to raise funds to help the Trust's work in Nepal. Visits to schools to tell the kids about their Nepali counterparts and publicising the work we do also helps. Whether you are a marathon runner or author, part of a business or are simply concerned to help, our initial advice is to ask yourself what skills, contacts or other resources you have which could help generate funds? There are no firm rules from person to person or country to country. Even so, if you look around at what others have done to successfully raise funds, you may find ideas that way. We are always ready to help give advice or other support should you wish.



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