Lovisa's Placement

Lovisa in Nepal!

During my time at The Mountain Trust, I have been primarily involved in the civic education radio programme, a project aimed at spreading information about civic issues in 62 districts around Nepal. I have also taken part in a few of The Mountain Trust’s other ongoing projects, such as the sponsorship of school children in the Pokhara region. I am currently working on a script for radio about the importance of vaccination.

I began my placement early in the year but was in touch with the current intern, Hugh, before that. He arranged for me to meet with the women’s rights organisation DidiBahini on behalf of the The Mountain Trust, as I was already in Kathmandu. I recently went back to Kathmandu for a second meeting with DidiBahini to clarify some details over their involvement in the civic education radio programme in order to move the project forward.

My work includes seeking experts who are willing to contribute to the civic education project. Much of my time has been spent writing to potential contributors and waiting for their replies. DidiBahini is now onboard, with well-respected Saloni Sing in charge and DidiBahini’s commitment to the project may act as a draw card for other experts.

Besides the civic education project I have visited two schools in the Pokhara region to give scholarships to young students and I paid a visit to the Fewa Public School for a cultural programme, celebrating their school anniversary. I also accompanied Bandana to choose robes that will be sold in the UK to raise money for The Mountain Trust.

On a personal note, I have enjoyed taking active part in The Mountain Trust’s work, such as participating in meetings and paying visits to schools that are involved with the Trust. It has been rewarding to experience first-hand who benefits from the money and work put in by The Mountain Trust and its supporters.

I would like to have stayed longer than 5 weeks to see how the civic education project develops and to be able to follow up my efforts to gain the support of other experts for the project, but I am grateful for the meetings with knowledgeable and inspirational Saloni Sing and the professionals at DidiBahini. I have enjoyed my time at The Mountain Trust and will help further the civic education project in any way that I can once I have returned home.


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