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Radio Guru

Radio Guru listener studying

Radio Guru is an innovative free radio education programme broadcasting the highest quality pre-recorded lessons to tens of thousands of Nepal’s school-age children, boosting grades and providing access to education.

Everest Watch Project

Expedition Route to summit

The Mountain Trust and British Army Gurkhas among others, are working together to get an English watch to the top of Everest. Read more here.

Jack, Fiona, Elena & Lynn

Jack, Fiona, Elena and Lynn, all Cambridge medics, had a blast working with The Mountain Trust on health matters in Chitwan and Pokhara. They became key members of the MT summer intern team.

Lovisa's Placement

Lovisa in Nepal!

Lovisa worked with The Mountain Trust in 2014. She shared her expertise in development for the benefit of our upcoming Civic Education Radio Project, representing the Trust in Kathmandu.

Hugh's Placement

Hugh with scholarship student Sabina

Hugh worked on various projects as a coordinator and Lead Intern for 8 months in 2014. Hugh made a big impact for The Mountain Trust, working mainly on the Civic Education Radio Project.

Aradhana's Placement

Aradhana in action at the community sanitation project

Aradhana graduated from a Masters degree in Public Health and worked with The Mountain Trust in Pokhara on community health and sanitation. Read about her placement here.

Becki's Placement

Becki in Southern Nepal with an elephant!

Becki, a masters student from the University of Essex, came to Nepal to build her CV and gain some work experience. What she actually found was much more rewarding. Click here for more.

Alice's adventure

Children in the riverbed community, Pokhara, Nepal

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to travel to Nepal on work experience with my father, who was working with maths teachers in the area. Just days before leaving, I was trying to find out if there were any charities I could visit near Kathmandu, so I visited The Humanitarian Centre in Cambridge to make some enquiries. I was amazed to discover that The Mountain Trust, which has its base in Great Shelford (where I live!) had projects in Nepal.

Ramyia's Placement

Ramyia with small child in rural village in Nepal

In the summer of 2013 Ramyia, a medical student at Oxford University, went to Nepal with The Mountain Trust. Ramyia 's experiences led to her developing a curriculum for our new Health and Hygiene Teaching Programme.

Nandhini's placement

Nandhini during her internship

A month with the mountain trust was hardly sufficient. My 28 days were full of new worlds and experiences, which I couldn’t possibly have imagined sitting on the couch at home.



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