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Radio Guru

Radio Guru listener studying

Radio Guru is an innovative free radio education programme broadcasting the highest quality pre-recorded lessons to tens of thousands of Nepal’s school-age children, boosting grades and providing access to education.

A Diary Delivery

Our supporters not only donate their time and money, but also vital items such as stationery and clothes.

On the 27th June, we had a ‘personal’ delivery of old corporate diaries, notebooks, pencils and pens arranged by one of our supporters. Kean Ng had come to hear about our important work from one of our previous volunteers and was enthusiastic to help us in any way he could.

On a trip to Nepal, he brought over a 100 items which he had collected from his friends and family. He’d only bought 2 packs of pencils – everything had been donated, including 17 toothbrushes

Our Reconstruction project

MT is currently working in two different villages, both located in the district of Gorkha, which were severely damaged by the earthquake of April 2015. 

Our School sponsorship programme

The Mountain Trust believes that every child deserves quality education. In order to achieve this, we allocate funds to pay for school fees but also for exam entries, school supplies and uniforms. 

Our Volunteer Placements

We welcome volunteers from a range of backgrounds and with a variety of expertise. 

Volunteer Feedback

Click here to find out about feedback from other volunteer on their experiences in Nepal ! 

Everest Watch Project

Expedition Route to summit

The Mountain Trust and British Army Gurkhas among others, are working together to get an English watch to the top of Everest. Read more here.

Jack, Fiona, Elena & Lynn

Jack, Fiona, Elena and Lynn, all Cambridge medics, had a blast working with The Mountain Trust on health matters in Chitwan and Pokhara. They became key members of the MT summer intern team.

Lovisa's Placement

Lovisa in Nepal!

Lovisa worked with The Mountain Trust in 2014. She shared her expertise in development for the benefit of our upcoming Civic Education Radio Project, representing the Trust in Kathmandu.

Hugh's Placement

Hugh with scholarship student Sabina

Hugh worked on various projects as a coordinator and Lead Intern for 8 months in 2014. Hugh made a big impact for The Mountain Trust, working mainly on the Civic Education Radio Project.



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