Vocational Training

The Mountain Trust offers vocational training to disadvantaged groups who demonstrate a need for the training and a desire to provide for themselves through their own labours. The Mountain Trust tries to help motivated individuals and community groups to stand on their own feet.

Gaining a livelihoodIn certain circumstances, the Mountain Trust has sponsored vocational training - such as tailoring skills and has provided sewing machines to enable the individuals to become self-sufficient, to stand on their own two feet and in many cases, support a family as well. Here is just one such family from Pokhara.

The Trust has also donated bicycle rickshaws to enable dalit families to earn an income.

Gaining a life and a livelihoodKhargisara Aryal was supported by the Mountain Trust and Manipal Hospital to have a brain tumour removed. Following Dr Cherian's successful surgery, the Trust covered the costs of training and purchase of a sewing machine.

Khargisara is now recovered, resettled and self-sufficient, thanks to the support of donors in the West.

In August 2013 The Mountain Trust bought 3 sewing machines and paid for a 6-month training scheme for 10 women in the Meghauli area. For people without investment capital a sewing machine can provide a really valuable means of making a living. Customers bring their own fabrics to make into clothing. This kind of work can fit in to the running of a subsistence-farming lifestyle.


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