UK-Based Internships

Interns based in the UK can do incredibly valuable work for those in Nepal in most desperate need, without having to leave their home, let alone leave the country. Scroll down to find out how you can get involved.


Fundraising Internships

A fundraising internship with the Mountain Trust is a commitment of only a few hours a week that can be immensely rewarding and incredibly valuable for the people that the Mountain Trust supports. There are many ways to raise funds, for instance: through corporate sponsorship and events, payroll giving, associative branding, radio and internet appeals, crowdsourcing, through social media, not to mention the more traditional charity fundraising efforts and the list goes on. We will guide you to develop your skills and to become a successful fundraiser. Your contribution will change lives for the better in profound and lasting ways. Apply to us for more information.  


The Mountain Trust is always looking for people with the talent and drive to organise fundraising events. So far we have had a charity cricket match, sold Nepalese jewellery, pashminas & clothes, supporters have ridden in sponsored cycle rides, run full- and half-marathons, organised auctions and fashion shows - all to raise funds for the Mountain Trust. We recently facilitated a group of five French and Russian voluteers, forming the 'Helping Himalayas' team – who raised funds to go on a humanitarian trek in Nepal – literally taking essential supplies to some of the remotest rural villages.

Founding University Societies     

The Mountain Trust has placed hundreds of students from universities all over the UK, and the rest of the world, in internship placements. The Trust is looking for students, preferably those who have experience of The Trust or Nepal to set up University Societies to raise funds and recruit interns. We can offer fairly extensive support for any venture along these lines.

Cambridge University Society - The Trust has recruited between twenty and thirty Interns from Cambridge University each year and wishes to establish a CU society focused on recruiting and sending talented Interns to Nepal to undertake health work and education. You could be the President of this society. Working together with the Mountain Trust (a Cambridge based charity) could be extremely valuable for all parties. If you wish to learn more then contact us.


PR & Publicity     

The Trust regularly gives talks and interviews. This role would be to further develop our profile in the media by, for example, assembling a database of newsdesks at local, regional and national level and of our supporters to enable us to break developing news efficiently and effectively. It could entail giving talks, presenting films etc at schools, colleges, universities and elsewhere.


The Trust is looking for someone with a legal background to provide advice, help draft contracts and other legal documents. Please ask for further details.


We are gradually translating the English version of the Trust’s website into other languages – beginning with French. We welcome assistance in taking our story to wider audiences. Just ask for further details.

Engineering: Mechanical     

The Trust restored, refurbished and shipped a converted Land Rover Ambulance to Nepal where it has treated over 2,800 people for free in remote areas. Being 3.5 litre and petrol driven it is very costly to run. We are looking for a team of engineers able and willing to convert its engine to run on diesel or CNG and reduce running costs, enabling it to get it to more health camps and do more good.


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