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Kulgaun Update


The reconstruction is going well : 16 frames have already been delivered and assembled by the villagers. A group of 10-12 villagers are employed by MT for the erection of the frames and the fixing of the roof. Although this team is responsible for the construction of the frames, each household has become responsible for the building of the walls. As such, volunteers carry out regular site visits to advice on the construction process, and to monitor the progress of the project.

During one of our volunteers’ visits, they advised the construction team and the householders on earthquake resistant building techniques.  Our goal was to make sure that the buildings will be as strong as possible by digging deep foundations for the walls, using long stones in the corners and in the centre of the walls,and adequately spacing the doors and windows.

The construction is now stopped because of the arrival of the monsoon in Nepal which makes the road impracticable and the village inaccessible until October. As such, the next deliveries will recommence when the weather will allow lorries and tractors to run on the road again to carry the needed material for the 47 remaining houses. Although there are no deliveries of the frames, 2 houses have been completed. Below is a picture of the proud homeowner, outside her beautiful new home.

Completed house

If you would be interested in lending your skills and expertise to this project, then go to our Volunteering page to find out more.