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UK Partners

University College, London

The Trust facilitates high altitude genetic research in Nepal into Hypoxia, with UCL, Oxford University, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute & others, led by Prof Hugh Montgomery. We have recruited able Interns to participate and advised on the research design. Details are available here. The aim is to engineer a genetic therapy for use worldwide in maternal and intensive care units.

University of Essex

The Trust has been working directly with Essex since 2012 on a joint internship programme. The careers service at Essex have been incredibly supportive and have provided thousands of pounds worth of bursaries to students participating in the Nepal internships programme. If you are a student at Essex please contact us for more information.

Addenbrooke’s Abroad

We work with Addenbrooke’s Abroad to send medical Interns, especially qualified doctors and nurses, to Nepal to assist in hospitals and on health camps.

Humanitarian Centre, Cambridge

The Trust has been a member of the Humanitarian Centre from its inception and has contributed ideas to its development. The Humanitarian Centre has helped recruit Interns, lent advice, and provided valuable contacts. The Mountain Trust is proud to be part of the Humanitarian Centre as both a beneficiary and contributor. We welcome collaboration with other HC members.

Himalayas Nepal magazine

We contribute to this high-end publication on life, travel and work in South Asia, particularly Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. Our contributions are always on volunteering in Nepal and our project work. Our publications address certain projects and give accounts by Interns who have worked with the Trust in Nepal.

Bullers Wood School

The Staff and Students of Bullers Wood Sixth Form College, London have been raising funds for several years and have sent teams to Nepal facilitated by The Mountain Trust. The hard work of the Sixth Form College has been very valuable to the Trust and the people of Nepal. We hope that this relationship will continue to flourish and welcome collaborations with other schools too.

Your Home on Crete

Miette Lauwers, a Mountain Trust Ambassador, has been pivotal in developing the Mountain Trust’s Student Sponsorship programme. Miette’s valuable contribution has enabled hundreds of children to receive a better education. Her work and contributions, facilitated by the Mountain Trust’s Sponsorship Programme staff, have changed lives. See also here.

Nottingham University Rights Lab

Are home to the world’s leading contemporary slavery experts and have built the world’s first large-scale research platform for ending slavery.

Nepal Partners

Accountability Lab

Accountability Lab partners with civil society organizations in Liberia and Nepal to build sustainable tools for new and innovative approaches to bolster accountability.

Alliance for Peace

Influential youth-focused NGO working on engaging the radical youth wings of political parties with the discourse of human rights.

Advocacy Forum

One of the premier nepali human rights organisations run by lawyers for the promotion of human rights and the rule of law.

Dalit Welfare Organisation

Working for social, political, and legal inclusivity for the members of Nepali society traditionally at the bottom of the cultural and religious hierarchy.

Freedom Forum

Led by a very influential figure, this organisation works for the right to information, transparency and open government.

Campaign for Citizen's Right to Information

Offshoot of freedom forum CCRI is active in developing legislation and facilitating freedom of information requests.

Didi Bahini

This organisation works on the rights and inclusion of women and children in the political process.

Kopila Nepal

This is a prominent lawyers practice in Pokhara specialising in the legal representation of prisoners and women. The organisation also acts as a think tank for policy ideas.

Purbanchal University

The Chakrabarti HaBi law college, especially their Human Rights and Democracy Centre, hosts interns interested in teaching and/or researching areas like human rights and constitutional law.

International IDEA

(Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance) – this organisation performs rigorous academic research and training on electoral practices.

Search for Common Ground

Peacebuilding organisation working to create the conditions for peaceful and constructive engagement between political adversaries.

Nepali Times

Nepal’s premier English Language weekly newspaper – famed for its fearless investigative journalism and rigorous reporting and journalistic standards.

National Judicial Academy

One of Nepal’s leading legal organisations serving the training needs of judges and lawyers. Interns work on human rights information/resources programmes.

Law Students Society

They offer a unique ‘teach human rights’ programme which is undergoing development with our input.


South Asia Watch on Trade, Environment and Economy – SAWTEE work mainly on economic issues but have crossover links with rights- and development-based organisations.