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Read below and find out what some of our volunteers thought about their experiences with us!

Oana Dragomir, Romanian, Student: A small and friendly NGO which gives you many chances to learn about culture and development in Nepal.


Ingrid Ferrer, Spain, Graphic Designer: To volunteer with the MT is a great opportunity, as anything you can do it’s worth a lot and can make a difference – in comparison with big NGO in which the small work it’s hard to notice.


Charlotte Dunn, UK, Student: A small but effective and necessary charity which aims to help those who larger corporations tend to ignore. Volunteering with them is an excellent way to get to know the beauty of Nepal and the Nepali people.


John Kearsey, UK, Civil Engineer: MT is a small effective charity


Victoria Mackay, UK, Student: A great way to broaden your horizons, experience Nepal and to actually help make a difference. MT has such different programmes running that any skills you have will definitely be needed!


Andy Pococu, UK, Student: A hard working organisation with dedicated staff making a real difference in Rural Nepal.


Pierre Burban, France, Student: A real opportunity to discover and help isolated areas in Nepal.


Ines da Silva, Portuguese, Graduate: Is a good NGO, carrying a very good ideology and projects.


Jeanne Boistay, France, Student: It allowed me to learn a lot of things about Nepal and work in the humanitarian sector.


Becky Crisp, UK, Student: An incredible experience and I would do it all over again.