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Local produce straight from the areas that are most in need of help. The village of Kulgaun is 160km from Pokhara and there is little or no employment in the village. To work, most men have to leave the village and travel to centres like Kathmandu and Pokhara. This leaves the women on their own to care for the children, and to await the next pay cheque. By purchasing these products you are able to directly support female entrepreneurship and help the women provide for their children.

We also support several local businesses in Pokhara, including two which are charities working to improve the employment opportunities of women and the disabled.

Through our contacts in Nepal, we are able to bring you the finest Nepali materials and foodstuffs straight to your doorstop without the need for a return flight ticket!

We also have branded merchandising – so if you need a new canvas bag to get your shopping home, or would like a warm hoodie for those cold winter nights, then we have just what you need.